Izzie Almonte

Izzie, who was born in Chile, has been in full time ministry for over 12 years together with her husband, Denar. They met while singing with the group Heritage Singers en Español. As a pastor’s daughter, Izzie has always been involved in church ministry and her lifelong dream was always to be part of a music ministry. Now the mother to two young boys, Denar Jr. and Andy Yoel, her new focus is to raise her sons to serve and love God.  

Izzie attended the Adventist University of Chile where she studied Business Administration. She now resides with her husband and two sons in Orlando, Florida. Her biggest dream is to continue singing until Jesus’ return.

Dénar Almonte

From an early age in his home country of Chile, Denar was taught by his parents the importance of dedicating one’s gifts and talents to praising God. As a pastor’s son, he learned the satisfaction of living life in service to others. In the year 1999 he received an invitation to join and direct the group Heritage Singers en Español, which he did until the year 2010. 

Together with his wife, Izzie, they felt God leading them to take all of the experience and passion from the many years in full time ministry and begin this new group, Promise. When not touring as a soloist or with the group, Denar is producing other artist’s records in his own studio in Orlando, Florida.

Kelvin Clavelo

From a very early age, Kelvin has been using his talents to praise God. At the tender age of two, while still learning to speak, Kelvin was already reciting entire passages of the Bible at local churches. Not long after, you could find Kelvin singing or playing the violin at many local churches on a regular basis. This was the beginning of what created a deep passion in him for sharing the gospel through music. 

Born in Miami, Florida, his mother passed away just days after giving birth to him. Although a very sad part of his story in this world, Kelvin holds on to God’s promise of one day being able to see her again. 

As a member of Promise and as a soloist, Kelvin is currently dedicated to music ministry full time. His utmost desire is to go wherever God sends him and to be an instrument for God’s honor and glory.

Keyla Vázquez

Keyla felt the call to praise God very early in life, and discovered a very deep passion and love for music. Growing up on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, this singer/songwriter started singing at her father’s church at two years old. As she approached her teen years, her family relocated to Florida, where she involved herself in school/church plays, concerts, choirs, mission trips and local singing groups. Soon after receiving an Education and Psychology degree, Keyla joined the Heritage Singers en Español. 

As the group traveled the globe, she was able to witness countless lives being transformed through the power of praise. These experiences awakened God’s call of entirely devoting her life to spreading the gospel through music. Keyla has a passion for mission work, especially orphanages, and recently had the privilege of giving a benefit concert in Peru for a children’s school. Together with her husband, Jeremy, they have been able to lead out on countless mission trips. Recently, their biggest dream became a reality when they were able to bring home their son, Ethan, whom they adopted from Ethiopia. When she is not traveling, Keyla leads worship at her home church in Orlando, FL.